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You must accept. Phew, this one is monstrous and was challenging to map! Let me know if anyone comes across dialogue that isn't in here and I'll update it! :3. Solas Trespasser Dialogue Chart. EDIT: added one dialogue I missed. EDIT: Sept 14 added another dialogue branch I missed.

Solas dialogue

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( Arcane Perk) Is that your friend? ( Solas -1) What happened? That’s a demon. ( Solas -1) Yes, we are. ( Solas -1) Solas is smarter than you are.

The dialogue wheel should have a "what about us option".

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12 likes · 1 talking about this. Es un encuentro contigo, con tu interior, en lo mas profundo de tu Ser; donde se encuentra tu Creador para que te ames en ese Amor Puro. The Five Solas, McMechen, West Virginia.

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Solas dialogue

I didn't think I was agreeing to go steady with … Solas Silhouette when Locked Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 4 Description Solas joined the rebellion to fight for equality. No matter what fur color, what size, if you're a cat or a dog - We all need and deserve love. Skills Rank 1 Rank 3 Rank 5 Skill: Sly: Trait - Kindle 5% chance to get a Yellow Ember from Quests. Solas, Vivienne, and Cassandra are debating about who Cole could be.

Solas dialogue

Below are all dialogue options which relate to building a romance with Solas. Choosing them will result in the highest chance of forming a relationship with him. To access all of these options, you will need to have made dialogue choices that prompt his approval. For a … Varric/Solas/Blackwall Conversation [edit source] The conversation about Grey Wardens between Varric and Solas changes slightly if you have Blackwall in the party post revelations. I'm unsure how to put it into the existing dialogue with the proper spoilers. Solas Dialogue Chart. Hello all.
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Solas dialogue

( Solas +1) (Russian subs / Русские субтитры)A conversation with Solas (still in Haven) about himself. All dialogue options with the Dalish elf Inquisitor in DA:I. Unused Solas romance dialogue from the Crestwood Waterfall scene.

No, we’re not.
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It got results. (Solas -1) You didn’t. Where to?

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Looking to move towards local community dialogue. 29 Jan 2016 Solas Trespasser Dialogue Chart karininini: “ I do these charts for my friends that are solavellan fanfic writers. security levels applying to their ships (SOLAS regulation XI-2/3.1) and Contracting facility, the PFSO should seek to facilitate dialogue between the ship and  29 Apr 2018 more missing dialogue from the Temple of Mythal, featuring Morrigan and Abelas (not Solas dialogue, but interesting) - (1) (2). also this would  31 mars 2015 — According to dialogue with Solas , and banters between Solas and Blackwall. Below is a list of all his reactions to quest and personal dialogue.

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A conversation with Solas (still in Haven) about elves, elven culture and blood magic. All d Unused Solas romance dialogue from the Crestwood Waterfall scene. I did the best I could to edit it in.Original waterfall scene:https: Proof I got the dialogue option. | Video of the dialogue. Have fun one-upping Solas.

As you may or may not know, certain parts of Solas' dialogue in Dragon Age Inquisiton is built on the rhythm of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Primarily when he Solas: I wish to apologize for what I said to you, Blackwall. Blackwall: You were right, though. I deserved it. Solas: My people had a saying long ago - "The healer has the bloodiest hands." You cannot treat a wound without knowing how deep it goes.